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Secret Midnight Press Presents

Seasonal Secrets

Inspired and hand-picked collections every season.

The second of our Seasonal Secret Boxes. A small curated collection of inspiration and curiosity to accompany you this seson. A world of words, sweet smells, and pleasant surprises. (And new secrets too)

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The Seasonal Secrets are our quarterly boxes that are full of hand-picked mystery items made unique for each box along with a brand new book written by one of our authors to fit the theme of the Seasonal Secret. Each box will also contain one article of clothing specially designed in collaboration with one of our authors.

The Summer Box

Adventure with us this this Summer with our nautical themed Seasonal Secret Box. Among the items within this box is a book of letters submitted anonymously. The anonymity allowed the writers to express sentiments from deep dark places as well as bright places filled with appreciation and freedom. The letters in this book are a range of raw human emotion, including some mature content that is recommended for ages 13+. We hope you are inspired to explore new worlds this summer through the elements of your Secret Box.

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Nautical Box: Summer Seasonal Secret (Pre-Order)

Your Nautical Box is inspired by wanderlust and an adventurous Summer spirit. Nothing is hidden in this sunny season. The book within this box is a series of anonymous letters written to a person, place, or thing. It’s secrets shared in a safe space. This box is full of mysterious items that will inspire exploration and freedom in these Summer months. *The book contains mature content that is suitable for ages 13+


Smoke Signals by Ashley Dun

This is a chronicle of life, seasons, heartbreak, and healing.Poems to make you feel less alone, loved, understood.The light fades and sometimes seems so far away, but spring will always come. The sun is always just behind the clouds. We hold on together and these words create the rope that can lift us out of the hole that so easily catches us. Grab on.Let it lift you.


Mentha Spicata El Corazon! by Jesse Cale

From the tippiest of toes, down the well of my imagination or like my heart is a ship and my mind is the storm. Follow me out the window, rounding corners of the soul - a collection of poems, journal entries, quips, pleasantries, and retorts written between the ages 16 to 26 that explore the deepest parts of darkness and maybe hope and love.


Both books

Smoke Signals by Ashley Dun and Mentha Spicata El Corazon! By Jesse Cale.

Buy both books together and save.