Secret Midnight Press Book Tote

Keep your SMP collection close by while representing who you are.


#1 Most Sad Award Pin

Congratulations, you've won! Now boast your emotions anywhere you can pin them. We all get sad sometimes, why not take a minute to recognize it?


Secret Midnight Press Candles

Soy wax vegan, Made in the U.S.A. candles
12 oz. poured in Mason Jar
Burn Time = 60-80 hours

Memory Maker : Harvest Spice scent

Story Teller : Cedar Closet scent

Bedtime Story : Lavender scent


Moon Phase Travel Tumbler

Be ready for the adventures ahead
16 oz. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler


Secret Midnight Stationary

This stationary is meant for sharing secrets, showing love, and telling stories. Each sheet is printed on a classic letterpess just for you.

10 piece set of A2 sized traditional letter pressed stationary on French milled stock paper with 10 stamped A2 Kraft envelopes.

In partnership with Igloo Letterpress 


1" SMP x LNF Buttons

Stick us on your jacket, book bag, or whatever you decorate with your favorite pins & buttons. 


Secret Midnight Press Deck of Cards

From the Magic Box comes the Secret Midnight Press deck of poker-sized playing cards. Learn a few tricks, play a game, or pass the time with us.