'Creating music is therapeutic to me'

The pop/rock artist Maggie Schneider’s newest single ‘Don't Tell Me’ is the first track off her debut album. The song is about being true to yourself and it focuses on self-love.

Maggie is very excited to have her new single out. Maggie: “I wrote this song in April of 2018 and have been dying to share it with everyone. It means a lot that it has been resonating with people.” Her music is about her own life experiences and relationships.

Sharing stories

Each song is personal and tells a story about something she has gone through in one way or another. Maggie: “‘Don't Tell Me’ specifically is about staying true to who you are, which I think is a really powerful sentiment. I learned this lesson awhile ago, and it really made all the difference! I always want to make sure I'm sharing my stories in the most universal way, so my listeners can relate.”

“Creating music is therapeutic to me, and I wouldn't want to do anything else”

Music is something that helps Maggie work through her experiences. “When I'm upset about something and need to express what I'm going through, I sit down at my piano and just start playing,” Maggie says. “Creating music is therapeutic to me, and I wouldn't want to do anything else.”

Creative vision

As an artist, Maggie sees it as her mission to inspire others to follow their dream. Maggie: “When people listen to ‘Don't Tell Me’, I want them to feel encouraged to strike out on their own and pursue whatever they want to do, no matter what.” That is also the advice she would like to give to other artists, to go for what they want. “My biggest piece of advice is to never let go of your creative vision,” Maggie says. “That's all you have as an artist, and if people don't understand that or try to force you in a different direction, prove them wrong. If you're constantly changing yourself or your work for other people, then there's no point to creating art. Be yourself, love yourself, and don't let anyone stop you.”

“I want all of my new songs to mean something to someone”

Maggie hopes her new record will enable her to tour more so she can meet more fans and connect with people. She hopes her songs empower people. “I want all of my new songs to mean something to someone - to make people feel like they aren't alone and that they can do anything.”

This interview is part of a series of interviews with artists about mental health in light of the upcoming festival Atlas Black. For more information about Atlas Black, go to: https://www.secretmidnightpress.com/atlasblack

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