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Secret Midnight Box: The Poet's Essentials

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You're starving but everywhere you look, there's nothing to satisfy your cravings. maybe, you think, if you wait long enough, the pain will pass. You'll hold your breath until it doesn't hurt anymore. But the truth is, if you just look in the right places, all the pieces will fit where they're supposed to. These are realities you won't realize until you see the secret space. Reach out in the dark, open the box, and you'll feel full before you know it.
This box includes:

1. Your choice of two paperback books 
(please tell us which two books you would like under the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER section during checkout)
2. Secret Midnight Journal
3. Secret Midnight Press Bookmark
4. Logo Sweatshirt
5. Secret Midnight Candle: Bedtime Story (lavender)
6. Matte Keyhole Matchbook
7. Matte Black Mug
8. Keyhole Patch
9. Keyhole Enamel Pin