Ashley Dun

Ashley Dun is an author from Columbus Ohio. She currently has a work of poetry published titled A Lens To See Behind The Sky, a collection of poems which were written over the course of ten years. Ashley started creating at a very young age, writing stories and plays and illustrating them. She considers herself to be highly sensitive and has always been interested in exploring life’s emotions through creativity. 

Ashley was awarded Best Creative Writer at her high school graduation, as well as the Judith Mitchell Creative Writing award in 2013 for a poem published in her university’s yearly publication. Ashley graduated from Ohio Dominican University that year with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. In 2016 Ashley began writing in a blog, posting every week on topics such as creative inspiration, mental health, and staying hopeful through the highs and lows of life. She has made it her goal through her writing to give the reader a sense of peace knowing that they are not alone in this journey.

Since the initial publication of her first poetry book Smoke Signals, Ashley has had readings throughout Europe and America, and plans to continue touring throughout the coming year. 

Be sure to follow Ashley on her journey through her blog, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photo by Jared Heveron

Photo by Jared Heveron

Jesse Cale

Jesse Cale is the kind of "crazy" that makes you want to follow him just to see what he'll do next. He is a gold-record music producer and performing artist from Columbus, Ohio who began his public eye journey performing lo-fi electronic pop in bars at age fifteen trying to sell handmade merchandise and burned CDs. Nothing much has changed.

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Chavilah Bennett

When Chavilah was little, she loved to draw, dance, and make tiny intricate hats out of clay. 

One day when she was about 15, decided that she was going to be an artist. 

Being an artist is a lifestyle - maintaining a childlike heart, finding whimsy and wonder around every corner and under every stone. 

She keeps a little sign over her doorknob, so she can see it when she goes out into the world every day - it says: Choose your own adventure.

The thing that she enjoys most about SMP is the reality of co-creating with a world of dreamers - a world where strangers touch hearts, responding to each other in a way that is encouraging and creatively stimulating.

Someday Chavilah hopes to live in a house with secret passageways and a room with all of the furniture on the ceiling.